Certified Mediation

Sam MacRae is a certified mediator in the state of North Carolina with 18 years of experience in a wide variety of civil litigation disputes. It’s this broad experience that enables Sam to understand the multifaceted issues that his clients face and, in turn, produce innovative solutions and mutually acceptable resolutions.

What, exactly, is mediation? Mediation is a special type of dispute resolution; one that helps parties avoid the expense, time and stress of a lawsuit. With a mediation case, Sam acts as a neutral third party to help the two involved groups clarify their issues, develop acceptable options and potential resolutions, consider and choose a fair and amicable settlement, and formalize the agreement reached, ultimately concluding with a win-win situation for all. The goal of mediation is to reduce the client’s costs to resolve the dispute, maintain control of the decision making process rather than turning it over to a judge or jury, and to facilitate future communication between the involved parties.

If you are interested in utilizing mediation as an effective, efficient and reduced stress means to resolving your personal or business conflict, contact MacRae Law Firm today at (910) 254-4754.

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