MacRae Law Firm concentrates in criminal defense cases, ranging from misdemeanors to major felonies, as well as all varieties of civil litigation. And when it comes to personal injury disputes, MacRae Law Firm is unique. Sam’s significant experience in insurance defense brings a thorough understanding of issues affecting both the plaintiffs and defendants, offering Sam’s clients a valuable advantage.

No matter the case, the care is consistent, and that’s what makes MacRae Law Firm a breath of fresh air.

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Civil Litigation

All types of disagreements have the ability to manifest into a contentious battle between two parties.
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Criminal Law

Fear, anxiety and stress. There is quite possibly nothing more frightening or difficult than being accused of a crime or being arrested.
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Certified Mediation

Sam MacRae is a certified mediator in the state of North Carolina with 18 years of experience in a wide variety of civil litigation disputes.
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MacRae Law Firm

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